EasyGoingSurvey.com is the top-ranking online survey website in Europe and Latin America.  We allow users to quickly and easily create internal and external surveys themselves. Surveys like these are key in any company's decision-making process. With EasyGoingSurvey.com, you obtain the information you need in record time!


Our philosophy  rests on three basic pillars:

  • Easy to use
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Competitive prices

At EasyGoingSurvey.com, we work daily to get answers for our customer's question in an efficient and satisfying manner.

Who do we cater our service to?

  • Any and every type of company independent of its size or activity sector:
    • Companies that are currently researching and would like to do so in a more efficiently way.
    • Companies that did not previously conduct research due to the high costs or the delay in obtaining results with the traditional methods.
  • Public services
  • Academic professionalseducational institutes,  and students.
  • NGOs
  • Independent researchersresearch institutes,  and consultants use our tool to cover the on line sector.
Easily create surveys and get the responses that you need.

The team

EasyGoingSurvey.com's team is composed of professionals with a wide range of experience in new technologies, quantitative market research, marketing, and on-line development tools. It is a young and enthusiastic team that bet on the internet's great potential as a research field, particularly in the marketing and human resources fields.

Company details

Encuesta Fácil, S.L. C/ Miguel Yuste, 29 28037 Madrid Spain Telephones: (+34)91 416 46 09 Fax: (+34)91 327 15 97 Internet: http://www.EasyGoingSurvey.com E-mail: management@EasyGoingSurvey.com Tax No.: B84348069